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Great Results

We guarantee great results when using our render cleaning service.

Softwashing techniques

Effectively remove moss and unsightly staining from your render.

Professional & experienced

We have 10+ years experience in the cleaning industry.

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What are your exterior wall cleaning options

Are your rendered walls showing signs of unsightly green, red and black algae stains? Do you know that your render can be effectively cleaned without the need for expensive painting?

Whether you have K-Rend, Sto-Rend, Weber render, or even cement render or pebble dash, the surface contamination your property may be suffering from does not have to be permanent, nor should it have to affect the external appearance of your property, or give visitors a negative impression on your home or business. Servos can help you by using a non-aggressive render cleaning method to remove unsightly algae and lichen stains, gently restoring the surface of your render to its previous state with long lasting results.

Remember….we achieve like new results without the unnecessary and potential damaging need for pressure washing.

Why you need professional render cleaning services

You could try to clean your dirty render yourself, but then you have to equip yourself with the right tools and products, and there is always the risk of doing it wrong and ruining your cladding. You should choose Servos Exterior Services because we:

  • Clean your render until it is like-new
  • We use soft-washing methods so as to not damage your render
  • Our results are long-lasting and guaranteed
  • We have cleaned render in many Abersoch properties

Our render cleaning methods produce like-new results without unnecessary and damaging pressure washing which a lot of render cleaning companies opt for.

We have consistently provided high-quality exterior cleaning services since 2013 that ensure proper maintenance of the exterior of properties. As specialists in all types of render cleaning, our cleaning and your customer service are sure to make you pick Servos again and again for your Abersoch property.

Types of Render Cleaned

  • K-Rend
  • Sto-Rend
  • Weber render
  • Cement render
  • Pebble dash

If you want to know more about our render and exterior wall cleaning services, please contact us to view properties we have cleaned before you choose us.

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About our Render Cleaning

Non-Aggressive Deep Cleaning

A non-aggressive render cleaning method that removes those unsightly algae and lichen stains, critically attending to the source of the surface contamination, providing you with long lasting results.

we achieve like new results

We achieve like new results without the unnecessary and potential damaging need for pressure washing.

Wide Range of Render Cleaned

K-Rend - Sto-Rend - Weber - Parex
All types of render professional cleaned on your home, building, or apartment building.

Great Value

A much more economical and effective solution than painting. Painting can only temporarily mask the problem.

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Commercial cleaning services with UK coverage.

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Free sample cleans can be arranged upon request subject to status.

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fully guaranteed

Guaranteed results on all surfaces!

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